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Affordable Professional Serices, Inc.

$3.75 Hosting, AWP Hosting, and Affordable Web Pages, Inc. are wholly owned subsidiary projects and/or divisions of Affordable Professional Services, Inc.

Affordable Professional Services, Inc. aquired these entities over 2012 and 2013.

This acquision was done in order to stabilze several projects after an internal split took place.

Our Team

Since this point in time it has allowed us the ability to recover and being to thrive again. Thus allowing for the birth of a new company C.D.C.I. Development Inc.

C.D.C.I. Development Inc. was formed specifically to look after custom desgined web projects as well as continue to provide on budget maintenance of smaller web sites.

We look forward to continuing to serve all of your needs!


For nearly a decade, I have trusted John Beima with all my hosting and data center needs. He is adept at designing systems that deliver superior peformance with less hardware and overhead. John's expertise with system and network security, combined with his willingness to educate clients, is extremely rare in the industry. I will continue to rely on - and collaborate with - John for my projects for years to come.

   Michael Fleet
   Freelance IT Professional